Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Paris - Autumn/Winter 2006-2007, cont. cont.

More equestrian looks and of course more plaid. Full blousy coats with gently pleated mini mini mini skirts and the requisite black tights and/or cropped skinny trousers. So incredibly cute and exactly what I want at the moment.

Christian Dior-
Wow. I'm thoroughly unimpressed. It's possible that the black background and mirrored runway is making it hard for me to see detail, but I'm not bowled over by anything here. The jackets are so-so, the belts with oversized buckles are ick, the silk Axl bandannas we're just not even going to discuss. This doesnt look modern to me, it just looks boring. The color scheme seems to be a carryover from the Couture show, but the excitement certainly didnt come over too. I'm actually pretty close to hating the whole show.

Costume National-
Comfortable basics, nothing too statementy, but everything looking dead right. Remember to stock up on black tights, christ.

Jean Paul Gaultier-
Tim Burton Gothic. Fitted - sometimes corseted - trenches, heavy lace and chiffon dresses, sometimes very crazy old lady (but not in the way that i'm usu fond of).

Here's why we dont like our models to smile on the runway:


Vivienne Westwood-
Tattered layers, psychedelic and African and proper English tweeds, 80s and Edwardian, and a dash of Paradise Island. No one else could make sense of such hodge podge, but it works here. I'm crying for the lone model wearing a bag on her head. Whose idea you think that was?? Was it some sort of model hazing??

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