Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I guess the article really shook me to my core, as today I am sure to be fired over wardrobe choices. I'm wearing nude fishnets, 40s-style t-straps, a (fake) Burberry plaid tulip skirt and fitted black mock turtleneck, with a vintage 40s white full slip on top, and a black grosgrain ribbon in my hair. I'm only cursing myself for never having acquired a black snood.

I dont think I slept a minute last night with non-stop dreaming and a neighbor's dog barking most of the early morning. I dreamt that my mom and I went to a tanning salon where I had a screaming match with one of the workers. Later, a group of us evaluated my parents' home (the one I grew up in) for places where a robber might enter, then went to a Wizards game with a friend and her uncle. I know you are freaking about the tanning salon bit, but rest-assured that it was for the application of a spray-on tan. No tanning beds allowed, even in dreams.

Do you still apply wallpapers to your desktop? If so, I'm fond of the monthly calendars at French Vogue. You have to be careful though, as some months are not so work-appropriate.

Here's an interesting article on a team of photographers tasked with shooting the Karl Lagerfeld runway show and creating a dvd of promotional materials within 90 minutes to distribute to the editors and reporters in the audience.

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