Monday, April 17, 2006

Blood Boiling

Argh. This post about fashion in DC has me on fire. I have so much to say, but history tells me that when I post on such sites I only make myself angrier. So I will tell it to you instead.

First of all, people complaining about fashion are always ridiculous because I'm fairly certain that they would not be considered fashion-forward (or even "current") in any city they chose to live. Second, an abundance of stores does not create fashionable people. Third, fashion can be expensive, but style is not related to price. Fourth, style is completely relative to time of day, location, etc. Stylish in the office could mean a sharp suit with a scandalous sheer blouse hidden underneath. Sylish at the gym could be a futuristic silver sports bra and a tennis skirt. If you have a job in an accounting firm, when you dress for work, you will never be as stylish as the girl heading to work at Commander Salamander. There's nothing to lament, because at 5pm you can pretend that you work at Commander Salamander. Occasionally, dressing shocking or fashionable gets boring, so it can be a nice change to completely WASP yourself up in a polo and loafers. Be sure to order a wine spritzer in that. I think being fashionable means keeping yourself out of a rut (though I could also argue in favor of the the chicness of a uniform), occasionally taking risks and looking ridiculous, but it's only fashion.

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