Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Couture - Spring/Summer 2007

Anne Valerie Hash - Puffed long sleeved blouses with neck bows and mini pleated cheerleader skirts are fun and playful, but I'm a little confused with the Grand Ole Opry jackets and cheesy space-age gear. Particularly the back of the jacket in this photo:

Chanel - Black tights. Coat dresses. Long ribbon skirts. And some feathery confections stolen from an MGM Musical. Part severe in structured/tailored dresses and jacket, part dream in feathers and shreds. Lovely.

Christian Dior - Ahh, the dreamer is back. Painted fabrics and faces so extraordinary and extravagant that I'm having a hard time picking my jaw off my keyboard. Kimono jackets, but so very Western. Origami decorations. Electric color combinations - very Lacroix. I am fairly certain that I have never seen clothes so elegant, so beautiful, so extravagant, so perfectly Couture - such individual works of art. You have to look at every single photo, I cant post them all. If you have the means, how can you not afford to order it all??

Elie Saab - Perfectly lovely dresses that will look great on Beyonce, but I never see much difference from season to season or RTW to Couture.

Valentino - Always beautiful and feminine. This season, a 60s kitten. Soft and lacey and pretty and sometimes half a step to the right of 70s sex siren.

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Anonymous said...

you are right - the dior stuff just screams 'couture'.

i love the dress in shades of green. the skirt just looks delightful -- and the hat is too cute.