Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I went away from blogging for a good while. A baby, then another baby, and then Twitter have taken my attention. The fact that I am unable to concentrate on fashion and the shows to the degree I once did completely took away my ambition for this site.

I follow TinyBuddha on Twitter and was struck by the timing of this post on perfection. Not that I'm a perfectionist, but I found so much in common with this writer. Feeling so much ambition, but being unwilling or unable to put the work into reaching those goals.

For the last several years, I felt if I cant view each and every image from each and every show in a timely fashion, then I dont even want to look at a single show. I will just wait for the magazine coverage. But I miss it. I miss setting aside that time for myself, for this thing that I love so very much, for this thing that I so want to be a part of.  I think it's time. If I have no readers, it's ok. If I cant review every show, it's ok. At least I am doing something for myself and maintaining this little dream.  I look forward to any feedback, any readership and promise never to take a six-year hiatus again.

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