Thursday, February 08, 2007

New York - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 2

Do you know the perfect antidote for winter? Morrissey's "My Love Life".

You will instantly be transported to a convertible, driving around on a perfect LA day. I promise.

(a missed one from the first day)
Douglas Hannant - Sexy sweet dresses, a more wearable futuristic bent. I'm becoming a real fan of these cobwebby laces. Ruffled hems and edges seem to be an emerging trend in NY. Feminine but not sugary. So much good stuff here!

Lacoste - They're trying to sell you denim suspendered walking shorts, but dont fall for it! Go for the mismatched layers instead. Dorky Librarian is always head and shoulders above Dorky Mom from 1984.

Karen Walker - Dorky belted everything and 70s Secretary tweed suits, but her trenches and dresses are fun and modern.

Ruffian - Inspired uniform dressing - with bits of satin and pleather and ruffles. Simple without ever being boring or classic and personality without being obnoxious. Would be perfect in almost any workplace.

Toni Maticevski - So many looks and lacking a clear theme, but some really fun individual pieces. The day looks were a tad Circus Emcee, but the evening looks were either sleek (sexy columns), girly/sexy (short, stiff organza), or cozy (sleeping bag ballgowns) - look much better than they sound!

Alexander Wang - If I concentrate really hard, I can half-manage to forget the Caroline Brady Rap gold-studded baseball cap. I'm not sure it it's worth the effort though. More suspendered shorts (I'm not falling for it, I'm telling you for the last time!) and skirts...nothing that excited me.

Threeasfour - They're staying true to the ugly appliques, but I do like the shredded ruffled one-shoulder gowns.

Bruce - Fairly bland, with a few winning office looks. I think I'd just give up if this is all Fall had to offer.

Alice Roi - Loose, untailored pants and skirts, with sweet jackets and sweater dresses (god, I need a sweater dress now).

Alexandre Herchcovitch - Lots of coat dresses, either trench-inspired or free-form (sometimes to the extreme free of a Hefty bag). I'll ignore the Heftys, as this coat and these boots are too beautiful to pass-over.

Abaete - 60s Bond Girl, flirty flounces and rusching. The best minis so far.

Sass & Bide - Lots of gold and black. I like the silhouettes, but the actual clothes dont inspire me much.

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Unknown said...

I really like the abaete stuff --- most of the others seem so highly impractical. And I'm definitely not a fan of black socks with white minidress/sneaks.