Saturday, February 10, 2007

New York - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 6

Peter Som - Easy dressing. Pretty dresses, cool trousers.

Michael Kors - Jet set best. Always the yummiest sweaters.

Richard Chai - Double-breasted (but floaty) jackets, ruffly dresses. Pretty, but sometimes a little awkward (again with the patchworking!).

Carlos Miele - Growing a little bored of the drapey satin 70s dresses. Not bad, just bah.

TSE - The best are the high waisted skirts and the softest-looking knits.

Zero Maria Cornejo - Wacky, avant garde knits. Very cozy Fall gear, actually.

Malandrino - A little modified mod. The colors and buttons and sweaters are nice, as are the slinky dance dresses. I really liked this collection.

Proenza Schouler - More origami pleating on pretty cool girl dresses, slouchy suits, and statement coats. Pretty solid.

Diesel - Lotsa leath-ah. And high waists. Yikes.

Vivienne Tam - Beautiful pieces that sometimes feel old, but are essentially exquisite. The fabrics and details are just beautiful.

Anna Sui - Classic hippy Anna dresses. Funky prints, some a little too old for me.

Michon Schur - Ethereal 40s-tinged dresses, sometimes surprisingly sexy and sometimes very boring.

Y3 - Loooooong. With wayyyyyyy to much Mens (they have their own Fashion Week!). Lotsa sweater layers and legwarmers.

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Unknown said...

The Proenza is really pretty.

I am gagging over the Diesel jumpsuit --- that has to be one of the ugliest looks I have seen in a while!

I simply cannot get past the skunk on that poor model"s head to even look at the Anna Sui....