Saturday, February 10, 2007

New York - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 5

Monique Lhuilier - Just plain gorgeous. Severe and sexy and metallic. Disco without a hint of vintage. The ruffles (!) and draping, just perfectly done. I am loving the hair and makeup too.

Bill Blass - Technicolor coats and dresses. Beautifully fitted, grownup clothes. *Perfect* hair and makeup.

Chaiken - Cozy jerseys, sharp dresses and trousers.

Derek Lam - Uncharacteristically dull. Weird patchworking. Mismatched draped fabrics.

Behnaz Sarafpour - I think her strengths lie in skirts and blouses. Her dresses are a bit too shapeless here.

Rodarte - Very pretty details, but as a whole look it's overdone and bordering on ugly. Ugly, but made from the prettiest pieces. Too too too much. The simple things are almost perfect though.

Narciso Rodriguez - The impact of his minimalism is so much greater after the sensory-overload of the Rodarte show. Just pretty and 100% wearable straight off the runway.

Temperley - Story-book heroine dressing, with adorable dresses, ruffles, and lace appliques. Gorgeous.

Betsey Johnson - Of course, fun dresses. I have to love any show that features aprons, even in jest. Perfect party wear.

Doo Ri - S-E-X-Y. A little Tom Ford Gucci. Best example of layering and draping done right.

Philosophy - Weird prints and lace overlays. The dresses and coats are standouts though.

Jason Wu - Pretty pretty dresses. A nice mix of off-colors and metallics. Stiff, formal fabrics, but the pieces seem so easy.

Heatherette - I'll let this photo explain this show and let you ponder where their funding comes from.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE the little silver Jason Wu dress. I would purchase that today.

As for the Heatherette -- this is someone's idea of a fashion week joke, right? I mean, surely NO ONE would ever spend a dime on that stuff, right??