Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring 2014 RTW - London

L'Wren Scott
Most posted pictures from the shows on Twitter are blurry and pointless, but all posted of this show just captured Spring to me. I picture this woman (the designer and the woman she designs for) as the perfectly put-together sophisticate. She doesnt think too hard about her clothing, but demands the each piece and each thing in her life is precise. This is what each of these cameraphone pictures were able to capture. Pristine white tables with lacquered bento boxes and subdued vases of white flowers, achingly beautiful dresses and jackets with a Japanese foundation.

Mary Katrantzou
Part of me thinks this is the most ridiculous collection, bordering on costumey and unwearable, but the other part of me needs to own every single piece here. There is something magical about her prints, the colors, the flowers (that are nowhere near grandmotherly), the ruffles.  The beginning part of the show with enlarged prints of wingtips and other leather goods are unexpectedly gorgeous. The photorealism is so attractive to me, with the flashes of light.  These clothes also look so comfortable, just dresses to put on and not think twice. You dont even have to try hard because the dresses do so much speaking.

Tom Ford
What's my most reference rule of thumb? If the model looks frumpy and cheap in a particular piece of clothing, then it will not look magically better on you. I like a luscious, buttery leather as much as anyone, but the amount of leather in this show was a bit off-putting. It seemed like overkill (har) and I will still never understand, till the day I die, who decided that anyone wants to wear leather in Spring and Summer. This leather dress is just perfect (for Fall?). She looks so soft, I want to hug her.  The cobwebby head to toe looks are sexy. I like that you cant tell where the pants end and the boots begin.

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