Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spring 2014 RTW - New York - Part 3

Trying to watch shows on Vogue.com while blowdrying one's hair is an exercise in futility. Holy shit, that's a shitty site. For what screen size/resolution did they build it?  It looks like shit on a mobile and even shittier (and longer to load) on a desktop. You cannot have an autoplay slideshow with an dynamic ad on each slide. That is just a shitty thing to do to your readers.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I will head back over to NYMag and look at shows the way we were meant to.

My twitter was abuzz with Chola SoCal flavor over the Rodarte show. I'm thinking 90s Gwen and that time I saw Morrissey in LA and I was one of maybe 5 non-Hispanic fans in attendance (thinks girls with high poufs, big thick gold hoops, Smiths shirts fashioned into corsets, painted on eyebrows, teardrop tattoos on cheeks, like extras in "Mi Vida Loca").  Sadly, this show is not that.  Ruffles on skirts and hotpants and halters.  Meh.

Oscar de la Renta
My spring workin' girl wardrobe, plus gowns for the occasional ball! Sign me up for every single print here: gingham, polka dots with flowers.  Oscar truly, truly, truly has the most amazing laces. I never dream of lace except when looking at Oscar.  Classic 50s WASPy goodness, when you're dressing like a good girl.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll take one of each of these too :) I loooove the embroidery on the blue dress.