Monday, September 09, 2013

Spring 2014 RTW - New York - Part 2

Donna Karan
I always like the idea of Donna Karan, especially the thought of her stretch jerseys and uniforms - on the fence about the bodysuit thing, does she still do those?  But the reality is I'm not crunchy or zenny or yoga-y enough.  I would feel like a big faker phony in these clothes.  Like Ralph Lauren in his cowboy gear. I like costumes as much as anyone, but I guess not quite so literal.  I do like this skirt and the crisp white blouses. I wish I could be trusted with white clothes.

I hadnt thought of Carolina Herrera in a while, but the cover photo of the show on NYMag has me intrigued.  Ahhhh, the 60s makeup, that updo! Oh, this is what I want.  Oooooh, but dramatic Victorian skirts, I can do this too.  Geometric prints, sheer shoulders, clearly the Carolina woman doesnt have an office job, but I'm ok with it. I can quit.
Since I'm stuck on the concept of office dressing, I will only judge collections by my ability to wear it to work. (Ignoring the fact that I'd need a few extra non-office jobs to cushion my clothing allowance). Perhaps I just dont understand fashion enough to get the Celine aesthetic, but I felt Victoria Beckham was a bit too minimalist Celine for my tastes.  Victoria is still minimal in style, but with some excitement with pleats and patterns. Sweet without looking too young. Ooooh and perfect hair.  

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