Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fashion Critic

I would never claim to be a critic. I have never been to design school, I cant recognize fabrics on sight, I dont get most references (although, to be fair, the references are often given in pre and post show interviews with designers and in show notes, which I have no access to), so it's hard for me to make intelligent and insightful comments on the shows. I like to think that I'm giving useful information to you guys, so you can decide which shows to look at fully or skip completely or what things to look for on your next shopping spree.

There's an interesting article in today's NYT by Cathy Horyn - a critic I enjoy reading because she seems to give pretty level coverage while maintaining a foot on the side of realism. Most magazines no longer give any negative critique of shows, I guess in fear of endangering million dollar ad sales, so reading honest praise and criticism is rare and very educational. The article makes me realize that I need to concentrate on seeing a show as a whole - recognizing the themes and seeing general flaws and directions, rather than focusing on individual pieces. I tend to fast forward over boring looks and shows, and I'm missing key elements and directions by doing so.

Not that any of this matters! I cant help but feel like this is my job, even though I know most of you have grown to hate fashion weeks! But, like my boxes of magazine tearouts, maybe one day they will be of use to me. In what way, I have no idea at the moment.

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