Monday, February 27, 2006

Milan - Autumn/Winter 2006-2007, this time with more feeling

Horsey high-society. Instead of jet-setting, these girls ride their Range Rovers out to the country house. Denim knickers, layered and fitted jackets and vests, regal dresses and sweaters. Like a richer Ralph Lauren.

Almost too simple and staid, but with a few standout dresses and suits.

Ugh. The color scheme and florals are so unappealing to me. Nothing too thrilling or even flattering, for instance:

Whyyy???? This is by far one of the ugliest and most disappointing shows of the season. If you're not very innovative, just stick with pretty!

Roberto Cavalli-
Big furs, rich fabrics, flapper dresses mixed with 70s sharp sexiness. Never a fan, but some things no one could turn down.

Some truly hideous atrocities committed against leopard print and sequined dragons and more than a few ill-fitting unflattering bits. Again, stick with what you know when youre not that talented! Just stick with straight up Russian/Italian/Euro-trash Sexy! Forget fraud, he should be jailed for this:

Donatella's been toning down the cheese (and coke) for a few seasons now, and this foray into 70s space-age (is that a style? it's like 60s graphic and space-age, but with a lot more sex appeal) is getting me excited. Hyper-modern sexy dresses, draped and swathed across the body only add to the case that Versace is relevant. This, of course, leaves me totally confused.

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