Thursday, February 23, 2006

Milan - Autumn/Winter 2006-2007, cont.

Alberta Ferretti-
Modernized and shiny-fied hostess dresses. Dramatic styles that look effortless to wear. Dresses dresses dresses. Do you feel compelled yet? I'm in love with those webbed tights too.

The coolest Italian snowbunnies, who have no intention of touching snow (you really cant in silk brocade with fur trim or in a strapless dress with a cardigan). Maybe the perfect things to wear to get out of the back of a Towncar, with a driver holding an umbrella.

I'm not really feeling the boxy coats and jackets - we've seen it better on other runways. These just seem sort of middle-aged JC Penneys (no offense to JCP). The dresses are nice, on the whole, but the prints seem a little dated and faded. I think I'm looking for more richness - a little more of this:

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