Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christian Dior Fall 2013 Couture

I understand this collection was meant to be a global fusion, but it felt like a mad jumble of styles and ideas and directions.  That said, I'm swooning over this silhouette - a little classic Dior, a little 90s, a little now.

These perfectly classic Dior looks that could easily have been worn by Tippi Hedren and Grace Kelly, respectively.  The Grace Kelly dresses have a distinctly all-American debutant vibe to me, reminiscent of Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera.

I'm unsure of many of the fabrics though. Ignoring the sheerness, I dont like the nubby skirts, the tissue paper-looking stripes, and the fringed stripes.

While I love perler beads, I cant get past how beautiful this dress would be without them.

I love this dress (which actually feels very Versace to me), but I cant figure out where it fits with the rest of this show.  An anomaly that actually works though.

(images via NYMag)
This show just has so many twists and turns. In addition to the above, there were brief Japanese avant-garde moments, tribal punk moments, and some sheer gowns that defy explanation. I'm not sure if that matters, especially when there are so many inspiring pieces here. I dont like my wardrobe to paint me into a corner and this collection would clearly allow a woman the freedom to venture outside of a specific look.

I'm sorry for the lateness in my Couture dispatches. I trust you have not put in your Couture orders just yet, so we're safe, right ?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, all of these women have to have been completely photoshopped, right????

No one is that insanely thin. I swear to you - my 5 year old has more muscle tone on her arms.