Sunday, July 28, 2013

Color Rut

Do you ever find yourself poring over colors - be it lipsticks, eyeshadows, paint chips - hours and days of dreaming, painting on, trying out before deciding on one to invest in and commit to?

I seem to do most of my makeup shopping online, so I find myself searching for colors, finding uploaded photos of a specific color on various skin tones or in varied lightings to determine how it will look on me. Hours and hours of daydreaming and picturing the tint, opacity, complementary colors before ordering.  Invariably, the color arrives, I put it on, and realize I already own the exact shade in another brand or formula.  I'm drawn to fuschias, purples, reds. I swear to you, before many of these purchases, I actually had a fear that the color was too different, too shocking.  This is why I think I should now be allowed to only purchase Nars lip pencils. I recognize the names and probably would not re-purchase (unless it was to replace a lost or used up pencil).  Or if they could just install a Nars counter (just the lip products to start?) in my bathroom?  I just redid my bathroom in black and white, so I must say, it would complement most swimmingly.

I spent months and months drooling over the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstains. Months of debating the price, the formula, reading reviews, comparing swatches, TRYING IT ON IN THE STORE, and finally taking the plunge with a Sephora Gift Card. I decided on Encre Rose. Felt confident. Felt edgy. Felt right. A few weeks later it dawned on me that it is exactly my Mac Up the Amp lipstick.

This is example one of 900. Why is my makeup memory so short? Why am I always drawn to the same shades? What shades do you find yourself buying multiple versions of?  Is it because I havent found the right one and I'm constantly searching for the perfect purple? The perfect red, the perfect nude? If you have found it, what are your perfect shades (and brands!)?

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