Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LV Brows

Unless you were under a rock today, you have seen the Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton ads. I can't stop staring at them - I want to be and have every single part of this. The bag, well that goes without saying, that red lip, that blonde hair, that messy short hair, those dark vampy nails, and those BROWS.

I've been trying to workshop my brows for a while now. Inadvertently ending up in the front row of a yoga class, I realized how nonexistent my brows appear. Or, rather, that my brows seem to disappear at the peak of the arch.  I'm experimenting with various shadows, but worry about smudging and appearing like Groucho Marx. [Some SallyBunny trivia, I actually had a Groucho Marx impersonation in my repertoire as a very small, very weird child. My costume involved my bathrobe, those gag Groucho glasses, and a silver cigar holder. I have no idea how or why. Let's just accept it and move on.]

So the real question: pencil or shadow? Do I need some sort of setting gel or is smudging not a real concern? Can I pull off these dramatically dark brows? Only for evening? What colors for day?  It's all about me today, as you can see, but tell me about your brows too!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, first, apologies for such delayed commenting. I don't know where my summer went!
Second, I loooooved your groucho marx impersonation....but it was a little odd now that I think about it ;)
Third, I do not understand how our brows, like every other part of our bodies, can be so damn different. I've actually been very bothered by my brows in recent pics - not enough to do anything about them yet, but enough that I've started thinking something needs to be done. if your brow experiments come up with some ideas for de-foresting that don't involve much physical pain or loads of time, please let me know!