Monday, July 08, 2013

Working Girl

I have a difficult time dressing for work. Of course I know how to buy virtually anything at Banana Republic or JCrew and be presentable (and I do when necessary), but in the work week doldrums I can't help myself but to inject a little personality. Some obnoxious eye makeup, a vampy lipstick, notice-me accessories, and (once, unsuccessfully) a sequined miniskirt, as you know from my manifesto, I cannot be happy being neutral and safe.
The Couture Week street style is giving me so much inspiration.

Perfect outfit, though maybe the shirt is a little low cut. In most of my life, I'm pretty much against anything overtly sexy. Not that I have a problem with sexy on other people, it's just not how I feel confidant or comfortable.
Ok, this is just fun.
Picture a camisole rather than a bra under this.

Slightly longer and less sheer, devastatingly beautiful.
Now the real question: at what point in the interview process do I reveal I'm not an engineer in the sartorial sense?

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