Saturday, March 03, 2007

Milan - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 5

Ferragamo - Utterly glamorous. A hint of 30s mystery, but very modern on the whole. The trenches make me un-bored of trenches, the dresses make me want to dress up, the wide leg trousers make me want a cigarette and think of YSL.

Roberto Cavalli - An Italian Michael Kors, with less talent and a lot less crush-worthy. I do have to applaud him for a collection that is 62% less gaudy than usual.

Emporio Armani - 101 photos?! Holy fuck, why cant someone edit his shows?? Some *adorable* dresses though - surprisingly edgy and witty in places (and surprisingly spring-like in others - not bad, but just seem seasonably screwy. Perhaps designing for those who will be wearing it off the runway *this* spring?).

Marni - Use of an odd plastic-y loose fabric is questionable, but the black tights, peep-toe platform sandals, belted coats, and tailored tunic pieces are definitely in.

Gucci - Dramatically sexy dresses for day and night. Very feminine. Not even remotely Tom Ford-esque, but very pretty and old Hollywood reminiscent of some of this designer's (Frida Giannini's) earlier floral accessories. A good direction, I think.

Anna Molinari - I cant say no to minis and black tights. I prefer Anna when it's all too-much. Her serious, stripped-down pieces are kind of a bore, but she does girly dressup and sequins perfectly.

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