Saturday, March 03, 2007

Milan - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 6

Emilio Pucci - I applaud the use of solid colors in the show (Pucci colors, mind you. Those signature prints, moreso with Missoni, can get a little headache and boredom-inducing), but the fur chubbies, overly obvious 70s influence, and geometric print sweaters (similar to a terrible hand-me-down I had in 6th grade) turned me off.

Dolce & Gabbana - Sexy waists - bondage belts and exaggerated sleeves and skirts. Lace and shine and metallics, spacey sexy modern gaudy. Not bad at all.

Fendi - Lotsa fur. And leather and befeathered suits. Ehh. Not a single identifiably covetable item.

Belstaff - Stop with the Claude Montana!

Moschino - Oh just so pretty. With a side of wackiness that I never believe exists in fashion. Have you seen a more perfect sleeve?

Alessandro Dell'Acqua - Bandagey Bondage or loose and lovely. Flattering all around.

MaxMara - The proportions here seem all wrong. Too long jackets and and too blousy of a trouser, then too short jackets and too tight for trousers but too loose for leggings seem very outdated. And fringe can never be right.

Daks by Giles Deacon - The proportions here dont feel quite right either. The shoulder wraps and long skirts appear frighteningly uncomfortable (not to mention unflattering). Or maybe I dont like weird for the sake of being weird - or wackiness without a hint of humor.

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