Sunday, March 07, 2004

The end of all this fashion (Paris, day 5)

Celine - Michael Kors knows how to dress the elegant, stylish woman. You can picture his clothes on a 22 year old and a 76 year old and both would look the epitome of WASP-y sophistication, but with a layer of fun and sexy just under the surface. The perfect Hitchcock heroine, if you will (1,10,11- I adore this cut of sweater...very Audrey, 12,37) . He's incapable of doing even the tiniest bit of sleaze, he's all about luxury - sweaters, leathers, sunglasses (5,13).

Dries Van Noten - Oh how I hate this woven fabric in these rug-like patterns and colors. These pants are horrendous (8). I do like the coats in 22 and 26...the color/pattern/cut are very nice. 73 photos, praise the Lord for a fast connection.

Helmut Lang - I like skinny black pants. I dont like coppery leather. Especially in asymetrical, cropped jacket form (17). I despise his take on an evening gown. That was just godawful. I'm intrigued by the ruffle on those boots tho.

Loewe - Jetset sex. Looooove the cut of the pants (5,31), the fur vests (20), the slim dresses (6,16,27), the coats (8,25), the ribbons (6,32), and all those boots! I didnt want this show to end. The most fashionable without being obnoxious, muted without being boring. Excellent.

Veronique Branquinho - Mysterious hats, FBI agent gear (meaning not sexy like a double-crossing spy). A little too frumpy, diy to me. The silk pajamas feel towards the end of the jackets, dresses, and skirts was an interesting look. I especially like the understated evening of 45.

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