Monday, March 01, 2004

Milan (Day 5)

Again, sorry for the delay!

Burberry Prorsum - Rich, rumply, belted. The patent coat in photo 14 reminds me of early Tom Ford Gucci. The color, the fit. Very nice. I'm dreaming of belted coats and dresses, for sure.

Dolce and Gabbana - People love to hate the baby doll, but I will forever love it. It's quite flattering to my preferences and it makes your legs look very long. It's surprisingly girlish for the drop dead sexy norm of Dolce and Gabbana. Their talent for creating the crispest, sexiest suits and photos (5,7) does not disappoint. I'm sensing a less matronly Chanel influence, which can never be bad (9,14,31). I only worry that it's a bit toooo Chanel (56,58). These are the perfect pants, however (57). It's hard to criticize such genuinely fun and sexy (get me a thesaurus, stat) clothes.

Fendi - Hard-edged luxe. This bloody purple (5)...oooooooh. Purrrrfect pants (10). Spacey comfort. Each piece looks soooo comfortable - my ideal party clothes.

Jil Sander - Quietly chic. Simple. 18,22,23,31,32 These seem like Natalie Portman dresses. You need to be perfectly pretty to pull off the plainness.

Marni - This is the collection that Miu Miu should have been (2,8,16,24,29,34). All of Miuccia Prada's fingerprints are there, the 50s feel, the vintage charm, the pairing of the ugly with the cheery, the nerd appeal. Marni captured all of this and perfected it. Plus, I want tweedy hotpants more than anything in the world (46). Damn, photo 2 is just everything I want to be on a daily basis this Fall.

Missoni - Like Pucci, it's hard to go wrong with these signature prints. They give instant fun and a vintage appeal, but the design is also pure fun and classy-sexy - very in-the-know without being overdone. (2,3,10,14,27,42,43)

Miu Miu - I wasnt sure of the color scheme until I reached photo 8. The fabric of that skirt and the cut of that coat! Mmm. Perfect Barbie-wear. The rest are some great pieces, but nothing to cry for. I did like 35,40,46 very much, however.

Moschino - I always love the 40s Minnie Mouse look to these clothes. The lavendar legs, the dress in photo 7, ladylike, daring, fun. The prints are so wacky chic (are those women??). I'm desperate for the perfect leopard print investment and some nice bright tights.

Roberto Cavalli - Hideously ugly. Do I really have to look at all 72 photos?! *seriously* ugly.

Versace - It's not fair cuz I'm a sucker for herringbone! And I love it mixed with yellow! But this is just not good. And there should be an award for ugliest hair, makeup, and models. Ick. Just stick with the red carpet gear. I mean, anyone who thinks that 39 and 40 are *fashionable* or even desirable on any level should please leave the room. I think women pro-westlers wouldnt get near that shit. Damn, I spoke too soon. Even her red carpet shit fucking sucks. She should have stuck with her standard two looks that she's been recycling since she took over. Any actress who shows up in 52 should be shot.

Versus - Ill-fitting mid-90s slutty mall crap. Can words describe how awful photos 12 and 13 are?

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