Thursday, February 26, 2004

Milan (Day 2 and 3 and 4)

Bottega Veneta - I need this type of sleepy sweater (9) to laze about in but still maintain the idea of style. 26 is the essence of chic...not that I'm crazy about fur, but this has a vintage-y vibe, so I'll let it pass. Overall, I just love the nude mixed with bright colors. I'm crazy for nude right now. I hate my skintone, so wearing nude colors makes me feel perfectly complected. And who can say no to green shoes, I ask?

D&G - Not sexy enough for my D&G expectations, but the layering of colors and design in 16 is very lust-worthy. The coat in 31 is soooooooo fantabulous. Seriously, the color, the bow, the lining. You could wear that for the next 30 years and never be bored or boring.

DSquared2 - I will never be excited for lumberjacks. The cut of their pants seems very nice tho (6,26). That chocolate satin is dreamy of course (42) and with the belt, it reminds me a little of Tracy's wedding dress in The Philadelphia Story.

Emilio Pucci - Oh! These suits are wild, but there's something elegant and wearable about them even though theyre so unconservative (3,4,8). The dresses are a dream (7,12,19,24,28,36,38,40)...even something as small as the patterned tights could make the largest impact on any wardrobe (10). I feel these prints are amazingly timeless and the shade of the colors are so perfectly fall. Lacroix cuts a mean flirt. These arent for boring pretty girls.

Emporio Armani - 87 fucking photos?! The black pants are exactly as I like. Tight tight tight with a little flare at the hem and with the hem noticeably too short. I like the black tights underneath too. The jackets are way 80s cheese (and not in a good way by any means). The fabrics too seem a bit dated...the shiny pewter and velvet. I think it's very hard to cut a modern velvet piece. Who's that girl singing onstage?

Gucci - Tom Ford's final show for Gucci. I still dream of owning pieces from his first shows. His referenced eras are so instantly recognizable, but they are almost always fresh and modern. He knows nothing if not what women covet. First of all, those sunglasses! Second, the jacket in 10...I want those structured elbows! The crazy pants in 22 and 23!! The pure sultry sexiness of 31 And even though I care nothing for men's fashion - I LOVE 37! It's a little wrong and could be a total nightmare, but with the right amounts of pretty and scruffy it will be perfect. He's a lot of flash, but he has done so much good! *And* he's from Texas. Sniff.

MaxMara - Simple. I like pants tucked in boots. I hate this plaid: 27. Not much else to say.

Prada - I'm not digging the ultra-rounded busts (8,10). But I will never get tired of her 50s Italian aesthetic (12,19)(why did The Talented Mr Ripley have to look so good but be so bad [the movie, that is. the book is excellent]??). The higher waistlines are a nice change, as are her not-so-precise prints and colors (26,28,33,55). I think this started last season with the seemingly-handpainted full skirts. The coats are exquisite in a Grandmother's castoff sort of way (23,29,49).

The only one slower about posting these reviews is VogueUK!! This is crazy!

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