Tuesday, February 10, 2004

New York! Autumn/Winter 2004-2005 (Day 2)

Badgley Mischka - Oooooh. Now I am desperate for cocktail party invitations. I definitely need some charcoal grey in my closet and midnight blue silky camisoles (3,4,5,14,21,25,37). Sexy, sheer, mature, lady-like. Isnt it wacky that they're also designing Carmen Electra's wedding dress?

BCBG - I usu like this line for its flirty, feminine grown-up girl looks, but this show is a little frumpy, ugly, and the wrong parts of the 70s/80s. I didnt really enjoy the color scheme, save a few pieces (34,44,45,48 - I am crying for those shoes!). Some were a little too reminiscent of 7th grade home ec projects.

Carolina Herrera - Wow. I usu love her, but perhaps I always like her Spring collections more. She seems to have really embraced fur her, which I'm not crazy about - not for political/ethical/what-have-you but because it seems frumpy/roll-of-carpet-y (19). 32 is better, but something still seems off. I dont really like this silhouette, perhaps - the higher waist and fishtail hem. 47 is a nice dress, but kind of seems out of place with the rest of the collection. The whole thing just seemed a little too prim and bland for me.

DKNY - I love to critcize Donna Karan but the last few seasons, I've been forced to eat my words. Photo 9 shows the most vivid, 3-D in a photo blouse. I'm dying to see it up-close (24 - same color and similar effect). Photo 15 completely recreates the idea of a one-shouldered sweater as a sophisticated and not-at-all-cheesy piece of clothing. Her color scheme is the best I've seen...I'm actually longing for Fall (40,43,48). The final group of dresses are just so rich, confident, simple. Sigh.

Jill Stuart - Perfect silhoutte. Nice prints. To die for lace-up boots. Even the pieces in all black translate as modern, sexy, exactly-what-I-want (1,4,10). There's a little bit of sci-fi ship's navigator (12, 17), intergalactic princess (15), and some things that are just plain awful (14,20,24), but I think the majority are covetable (22).

Marc Jacobs - Finally! An MJ show that I can swoon for again! The opening photo is exactly how I want to look this Fall at all times. Photo 2! Now that's the way to wear a fur...very Margot Tennenbaum and I dig the too-short sleeves. I secretly (well, ok, if you see me every day it's not such a secret) love ill-fitting clothes. Sleeves and pant legs a little too long or short...a ridiculously over-sized dress shirt under a much-too-small shirt. That's his talent, I think. He can pick the trends but also he knows just how a girl (a girl that's not too fashion-y and doesnt like fussy) likes to wear stuff. I would take any and every, but especially 9, 17, 40, 41 (tho the shirt would look horrid on me), and the skirt in 42 (I'm never a fan of long, light-weight, not-fitted coats).

Oscar de la Renta - As per forever, pretty-girl skirts and sweaters though the alarmingly higher number of grande dame pieces freaks me out. I dream of making an entrance in the boots in photo 9...the coat could be lovely to hide the barest of minis. 38 and 45 are my first choice formal-wear so far. The pouffiness of 45 is borderline silly, but the white blouse tucked underneath makes it a little punk, no?

As Four - I cant really make out much of the collection and I dont really get showing it on children...are they making a statement about models? I've never been able to get behind their signature flower-petal design. Bjork loves them, so what do I know?

These collections have been, on-the-whole, a bit somber for my tastes. Rich colors are nice, but quirkier/more obnoxious pieces could break up the whole Ice Princess look.

PS- I'm feeling decidedly brazilian today. Much less painful and traumatic than I'd imagined, but I'm fairly certain I can now handle the pains of childbirth. :-)

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