Friday, February 20, 2004

London (Day 4)

Ghost - Simple sportswear, complicated jacket (10). The grey shoes are lovely (14). 19 – 70s sportswear chic. I’m really digging the cut of these pants (23) 33, 34, 35, 36 – the colors and cuts are just lovely.

Julien Macdonald - A little 70s dumb kitten (5). The kitten collars and wide lapel trenches could never be wrong. His colors are on fire, so warm and sexy (12,13,18,19). 35 is just lovely for an iceskating party. Why don’t people have iceskating parties?

Miki Fukai - It reminds me a bit of my beloved brand Label. 14 is quite interesting too.

Pringle - The greens and leather belts are quite properly off (3,5,13). I always fall for knickers. I had a similar pair in sky blue corduroy in 2nd grade (17). Bubble gum pink makes them irresistible. I’m so digging the twinset remade as sweater and scarf, especially argyle (11,22). Very wearable sophisticated school girl gear.

Robert Cary-Williams - Bulky goth. I’m reminded of broken antique dolls and that freaks me out.

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