Wednesday, February 18, 2004

London (day 3)

Allegra Hicks - Proper British suitings and slightly off tailoring. Please see 2, 10, 15, 24, 52 for details. This is how I would love to be.

Betty Jackson - Direct your attention to 1,7,15,36,43. Kind of middle-aged lady, but stressing the lady part. Well-made and unboring.

Eley Kishimoto - 1- yes yes yes yes yes, the style, the cut, the print. I live and die by the apron (4). 44 is almost a christmas sweater and it scares me that a seemingly cool brand could have produced such a piece of shit. 39,40 are the sexy cocktail waitress that you aspire to be whenever you sing "dont, dont you want me". The shoes in 35 are so 1994 YSL, that I may cry. Shoes such as these (though in gorgeous midnight blue with gold soles) were the star of a YSL ad that became my first magazine ripping (single tear). It was part of my wall collage for most of college years.

Fashion East-Ebru Ercon - I always wonder, does sloppy draping and bland colors all you need to be a designer? Some shows (like this) make me certain that I could do this industry.

Jasper Conran - Wow. 5,9,10,31,33,35. I usu hate all blacks and whites (hard for me to see), but this just looks so crisp and cool and a little scary-tough. Those boots are fucking amazing and the hair, the hair! I love.

Jonathan Saunders - Eww.

Nicole Farhi - Please click directly to 1,17,39,41,45,50. Simple and lovely. Delicate, but solid pieces. I love the smoky/dusty quality to the black velvet and whatever fabric that is in 44 and 45. Again, it's like something pulled out of a 20s steamer trunk. I think you would always be the prettiest, subtlest, most put-together girl in all of these.

Preen - 5 and 29 are nice, but a little to unwearably layered and blandly Helmut Lang.

Rafael Lopez - The jacket in photo 1 has just taken over as Most Coveted Suit Jacket from the herringbone, puffy sleeved Yohji from last fall (photo 36). An interesting lot of jackets and sailor dresses, but see 13 and 14 for sexy cool.

Sophia Kokosalaki - A little diff to see, but the twisting and gathering and rich colors and tight fit are just perfect (1,2,3). I'm sure up close, the detail is even more impressive.

Tata-Naka - I didnt know I could be so ok with gypsy. It's never my favorite look, but I like the paisley of 6, the simple but wrong elegance, sportswear styling of 7, the lush browns and layerings of 8, and the sweetly sexy bubblegum lingerie look of 26.

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