Tuesday, February 17, 2004

On to London (day 1 and 2)

Arkadius - some wearable. a lot awkward.

Ben de Lisi - The dresses are floaty, dreamy. Everything else is Wet Seal cheese. And Photo 50 is in the running for worst outfit in history.

Bora Aksu - So very Dr Who sidekick. He layers while maintaining a slim silhouette. Photo 5 is the perfect Autumn dress...let's go lay out in the park. Can you go wrong with 70s-era SciFi? One problem, though, he somehow made the models appear to have gigantic thighs and calves. I hope it's just the lighting/angle.

Boudicca - No.

ChenPascual - Eh.

Clements Ribeiro - Fuuuuun prints. I love this evil chevron sweater in photo 13. The modern flapper styles, leopard print, and wacky stripes make these clothes all appear vintage. How weird that wacky can seem timeless.

Emma Cook - I like the opposing fits of her dresses (5, 7, 21). The applique concept seems a little un-fresh, as it's so linked with Nicholas Ghesquire.

Fashion East-Alistair Carr - 4,13,14 are all pretty cool, but maybe I actually like the socks best? Not bad at all though. If he had more funding for more looks and perhaps better fabrics, this would be really great.

Fashion East-Richard Nicholl - Baggy lumberjack, mulleted pickup driver, I dont want to look like any of this.

FrostFrench - A more substantial collection for them, yes, but also less fun and girlish. I always like their knits and everything here is very rough. Definitely original, just not my aesthetic perhaps.

Gharani Strok - Too Gucci/Tom Ford YSL. Nothing bad, just doesnt seem so orig.

Gibo - Weird hats. Hardly my favorite. Not too memorable, unless you're crazy about raincoats.

Giles Deacon - Every outfit seems so wrong, but I want it all. The chaos of styles works for a girl who loves dressup and doesnt mind a bit of costume. The big prints of 1, 19, 23 are dramatic but not overpowering. And his surprisingly sexy caftans are quite thought-provoking. I think it's all in the fabric...

House of Jazz - Drapey. Blah.

Jenny Packham - Snow globe chic. I also feel like I'm trapped in some insane-bizarro-circus. The colors are so rich, the fabrics so bright, the cut so floaty. These are all trapeze artist or snow globe figurine and I want to be that girl so badly. I really love it all. Inventive and artistic and wearable. Loooooove: 2,4,6,7,9,10,15,17,20,21,26,32.

Jens Laugesen - Slightly SciFi but not as covetable. He's more Calvin Klein bland and Helmut Lang layered. Not enough of an identity.

John Rocha - Very dramatic post-apocalypse. I like the idea of scavenging together disparate materials and fashioning them together frankenstein-style, esp if they turn out as well as 11,18, 23. His silhouette is so tall and thin and vaguely prim. I really crave 3 and 40.

Katarzyna Szczotarska - WTF with the eyeshadow? Blah and clumsy and apparently ill-fitting.

Paul Smith - The ribbon detail on the suit in photo 18. The hardness and softness of photos 45, 48, 51 (my favorite). But this collection isnt Paul Smithy enough for me.

PPQ - Perhaps it's only the makeup, but I feel this is how Eastern European business girls must dress. A little cheesy (leggings!) peg bundy and slightly ill-fitting.

Temperley - I love the black and pink and scalloped hems. All romantic sophistication without a smidgen of bland and wearably far from over-the-top.

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