Tuesday, February 17, 2004

New York! Autumn/Winter 2004-2005 (Day 5)

Sorry for the delay!

Behnaz Sarafpour - Ooooh. Her show makes me love fashion and it's so nice to see a youthfully hip female designer making quality contributions. It's a very Prada-esque collection, but much more Audrey Hepburn than nerdy, eccentric Italian kitten. Both designers definitely share an intelligent approach to design - there's nothing frivolous and nothing that you wouldnt dream of owning. Especially if you like to dream in 40s films. Photos 3, 8, 17, and 27 are at the top of my list. Chocolate satin is the perfect Fall It item. She's a former Asst Designer to Isaac Mizrahi and, thankfully, you can always feel his influence in her designs.

Calvin Klein - Mmm. More chocolate satin...I know this doesnt make sense and perhaps it's just the angularity of the models, but the draping here seems very harsh and very disco manly. Some of the looks are ridiculously and awkwardly mannish (photo 15), but a few of the evening looks are familiar Calvin Klein (39).

Donna Karan - A very gothic Donna. I actually adore 18, 20 - the patterns and style seem so un-Donna and so very Westwood. She seems to have picked up quite a lot of the inspiration of her fellow designers. And how fabulous and decidedly un-frumpy and un-Barbra does she look?!

Jeffrey Chow - Burnished gold pants (7) - sooooo Autumn. I like the scarves and fragility of his designs. Usually such a characteristic annoys me, as your friend who cant stand up for herself and always appears meek annoys you, but here they are elegant and breezy.

Ralph Lauren - I think photo 2 maybe the most horrid outfit I have ever seen in my life. The color is atrocious, the material looks cheap, and how fucking cheesy is that belt?! And off-the-shoulder?! This is 80s-working woman absolute nightmare crap. Ick.

Ralph Rucci Chado - Middle aged, 80s blah. Perhaps he's so unflashy, I miss his talent. I dont know. I try, but I'm just. too. bored.

United Bamboo - If I had to wear suits to work, I'd only choose 2 and 12. Wasnt so down with anything else.

Zac Posen - Crazy texture mixing. I'm not sure about a lot of it, but I love rusching (?). The shocking color mixing is a little mind-blowing, as well. I cant tell if I abs love this or abs hate it. That's a good reaction, I think. The blues are positively dreamy.

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