Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Milan (Day 1)

Alberta Ferretti - Her clothes always make me think of a sexy Italian widow. Antique lace and tulle pulled out of a trunk and fashioned into an elegant but youthful charm. The clothing of a long dead girl or a ghost, a la Dark Shadows. I am *aching* for her dresses. 13,16,28,29,44,48,49,50,52

Alessandro Dell Acqua - I love midnight velvet! I feel his coats are a little bulky and that the show didnt have much of a theme or style. I like the idea of so many of the pieces more than the reality. Something about the fit or the color or the style always screwed up the pleasure. It's just never a good sign when the clothes arent flattering to the models.

Anna Molinari - I always love her designs for Blumarine as the colors and fabrics and cuts are so ethereal, but here the collection is so heavy. Even the wisps of 17 and 30 seem stiff and grave. 38,45,48 are an improvement - I will kill for the coat in 38...I love the golds and purples (of course).

Giorgio Armani - Man, 101 photos! Man, a lot of black! Yawn. I'm not crazy about this 80s silhouette...long jacket, long skirt. The weird pants/skirt/shoes all in matching blah grey/brown is ick. I'm so bored! It's never going to end! Even the shocking pink at the end couldnt wake me.

Lawrence Steele - Some gorgeous coats and prints. I am a bit iffy about the fit of certain pieces, but the girlish charm of the rest sways me. The colors and floaty fabrics are such a welcome departure from the depressing (and boring to the eye) black. His coats look so cozy and cool - eccentric pieces that will become the owner's signature. 9,11,12,21,26, oh yes.

Pollini - Rifat Ozbek - I'm not sure how I could possibly respect anyone who likes those boots. They make all of the models appear to have gigantic knees and thighs! Just imagine what a regular girl would look like?! 6,11,12 are nice in a Gypsy schoolgirl way. I want to hug that sweater in 16 and I will walk over you to get my hands on 20. I want that to be my signature jacket! Over jeans, a tiny miniskirt, a long slip! I want it. I really like the old-fashioned fit and feel of this whole bit.

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