Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Paris (Day 1)

Undercover - Sloppy punk. I can spot a few choice pieces, but it's hard to make a real assessment through the piles of clothes.

Yohji Yamamoto - This is the most Wixlet collection in history. I hope she enjoyed it. I love taking such fussy shapes and making them seem so laid back and easy. I mean, is that calico (2,3,6)? They look so low-maintenance and happy for a Fall collection. I love them. In fact, I want to make them. The built in bags are a little much but maybe theyll be pared down for the store. The dress in 46 is the epitome of cool...the cool girl with a perfect body that doesnt feel the need to prove it.

Y's - Those split skirts are sooooo wrong, but I think I want one sooooo bad. Interesting things with simple white and black shirts. Keep that in mind (1,2,56,58,60).

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