Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Milan - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - Alberta to DSquared2

I'm skipping London for the moment, because there's really not a lot that I want to see there.

Alberta Ferretti - Innocent without being prim, though the colors and prints are a little bland to me. I always picture her clothes for the young widow or virginal fiancee...lingerie inspired dresses that somehow lack sexiness.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua - Sexy Gucci-esque LBDs. An intimidating sexiness, but the lip belts are making me laugh.

Anna Molinari - I like Anna and her Blumarine line for the same reasons I like Diane von Furstenberg. There's something girly but sophisticated about their clothes that I think would just make you feel at ease. It's forward-thinking without being concept and not really tied to any season or era. While I like costumes, I think these would be easy clothes to pull on and feel utterly confident and not worry about them being too recognizable.

Belstaff - Safari and military gear done up in gorgeous Italian leathers and suedes.

Blumarine - This line is always so exquisite - similar to Libertine in the hodge-podge Desperately Seeking Susan, but with antique laces and heirloom jewelry instead of junk. This season - vampy flappers - dangerous!

Bottega Veneta - Beautiful browns and (obviously) gorgeous leathers. Full trousers and belted cardigans...actually belted everything.

Burberry Prorsum - Beribboned everything. Pretty yellows and browns (do you see a trend?). Girlish suits and dresses that are almost ladylike, but with a bit of wrongness - a crocheted cap or platform sandals or spy-girl trenches. Maybe a tad monotonous.

D&G - Ooooooooh, sexy white lace - not even close to virginal. Victorian-inspired, but not a hint of repression. After discovering the price of lace in wedding dress fabric shopping and then in Burano, I have a whole new appreciation...

Dolce & Gabbana - Holy crap - 100 photos??!? Ohhhhhhh, but the lace and that gorgeous red...Similar theme as D&G, just a bit more posh. Loooooove it. I also like the full-skirted gown-version of their classic sexy slip.

DSquared2 - Arrestingly ugly cowgirls. Ick. Tight denim capris, full-length leather aprons, awkwardly tilted cowboy hats...actually, the whole thing just seems awkward and done-before-better. Like every few years, one foreign designer has to do a cowboy collection. Who knows? Maybe it's a gimmick that sells really well? I do like this dress though:

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