Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Milan - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - Pucci to MaxMara

Emilio Pucci - Pucci prints (duh) mixed with electric blue and purple and white - an easy solution for Summer.

Emporio Armani - Yikes, another 100 photo show. And most have two models in the shot. I'm not sure I like the Hawaiian prints, but the pleated one-shoulder dresses look very new. Hammer pants and french sailor sweaters definitely do not. Some nice suits and separates and I'm cukoo for Italian sunglasses, but otherwise not impressed.

Etro - More electric blue! It *could* grow on me, but I've been scared of it since 6th grade when I splurged on this electric blue mock crock slouchy handbag and just a few weeks later I was embarrassed to carry it.

I'm dying for this blue satin blazer!

Fendi - Belts really seem to be a theme this season...

Giorgio Armani - I guess last season was a fluke...Armani is boring me to death again.

Gucci - While I did love the Tom Ford years, I think it's easy to see that Gucci is now being designed by a woman. The sexiness is still there, the edge, but there is something softer too. And not just the use of florals. There's more of a sense of humor - a mix of ugly and pretty. There was no giggling at the old Gucci.

Jil Sander - Quietly weird.

Marni - Recycled Prada. Even down to the skewed color scheme and accessories. Not pretty enough for me - kinda ugly and dorky.

Maurizio Pecoraro - Simple clothes with a lot of decoration that I liked right off. Especially the shredded scarves and dove greys. A good mix of pretty and weird.

MaxMara - Slouchy mom-wear and wayyyyy too much linen. A velour bathrobe jacket??

Tomorrow, the big guns! Prada, MiuMiu, Missoni, Versace!

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