Friday, October 21, 2005

Paris - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - AF Vandevorst to Chloe

AF Vandevorst - Shoulder-baring loose knits. Looks comfortable and very anti...I will have pirate-motorcycle boots this year if it kills me! I like the layered and textured whites best - or at least they photograph best.

Akris - Simple, sedate. Something for someone a little bland but pretty, like Claire Danes.

Alexander McQueen - Like Karl Lagerfeld, I think McQueen makes very forward, wearable, but not ever too boring or too simple. Theyre statement clothes that arent costumes...clothes for rich girls who dont need to look like anyone else. Here he combines romance with space-age and a little bit of ancient Greece. I could picture a goddess wearing this on an average day:

And, dear Lord, I just want to be this:

This is just pretty much everything I'd wear for a vacation to Paradise Island. The more I drool...are those heavy-weight boxing champion belts?? Loooove it. I love the designer's "we love you kate" t-shirt at the end the most, though. Poor Kate.

Andrew Gn - Clean black and white laces (trend?!?!), puffy sleeves with super-tight wrists, sparkly and/or lacey minis. Very very good. Dont like the colorful stuff quite so much.

Ann Demeulmeester - Hrmm. No photos. Weird.

Balenciaga - Oh sweet Jesus, so beautiful, so cool. Funny egg-shaped 60s dresses, the ultimate edwardian jackets and blouses, perfect skinny trousers - they should measure your cool quotient before they allow you to purchase. I'd hate to see these end up on - horrors! - Paris Hilton or something godawful like that. Thankfully, Balenciaga does not court celebrities and you just have to have respect for that sort of dedication to real fashion and, uh, financial intelligence [Begin long, meaningless tirade on why designers suck celebrity dick, give clothes away the second theyre shown on the runway, so that when they actually arrive in stores 6 months later, no one wants to buy them cuz theyve all been seen on every tabloid cover on some second-rate talent at whatever envelope opening. They say that it's free advertising, but to exactly whom? The people watching red carpet reports that cant afford the clothes? Or the people who can afford them that dont want to ever be seen in US Weekly's "Who wore it best?"? Or the people who are on red carpets who can afford them and who wear them but who dont pay for anything? Oh, but you see, I'm not thinking about perfume sales! Getting the name out there, so that the people who cant afford the clothes but who do spend outside their means will spend $90 on their perfume that, the last I checked, really had nothing to do with fashion. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm certainly not averse to buying designer perfume, but that's not my point...End tirade.]

Bruno Pieters - Audrey-simplicity - pretty and prim.

Celine - I think I will miss Kors...similar air of jet-setting luxe, but with a slightly more obvious and obnoxious Paris Hilton tone to it. Celine under Kors was extravagant, but never obnoxious - or at least more tongue-in-cheek. This is like Cavalli's version of Celine. Ok, maybe not that obnoxious.

Chanel - Girlishly street denims and dresses easily transform into career girl smarts with the right shoe and accessories. The color combinations are a bit too damaging to my sensibilities though. And I dont think I can personally jump on the knee-length denim and/or lace short campaign. Or men wearing Chanel tweed suits. Modified and shortened kimono jackets sound like a good plan though.

Chloe - Quirky Prada-y, but with a committment to being pretty. Prada is all about being so cool and so confident that you can push the envelope of ugly, but this is def a pretty girl who wants to be pretty, but push the envelope of what is kooky. Note: ties seen on Chanel and Chloe? A trend that comes and goes, so if you want in do it now.

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