Monday, October 24, 2005

Paris - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - Hussein Chalayan to Martin Margiela

I couldnt find, pay, or threaten a single person into eating lunch with me yesterday, so - completely out of character - I went to Fuddrucker's alone (save for the November Allure). It was actually quite heavenly. I DONT NEED YOU GUYS! HMPH.

I love Allure for its die-hard love of hair and makeup, but also for their How-To section. This month has "How to Look Like a Million Bucks" written by Michael Kors. I loooove him. He would make the best best friend ever. "Disregard the Weather - Strappy sandals in winter, sunglasses on a cloudy day - these are signs of the glamorous life...But if it's snowing, wear mink gloves for goodness' sake." "Keep the nail lenth short enough to suggest you go horseback riding."

I also felt vindicated for my salad-eating ways with this bit from "How to Seduce a Man with Food": "On the side, do a Caesar salad (which was originally meant to be eaten with fingers)..."

Hussein Chalayan - The lightest suits and dresses. So much detail, but still so simple and easy to wear. This is maybe the most wearable collection I've seen of his - even with the Mos Eisley Cantina bits.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Cool farm girl, and luckily not very cowgirl. Part eastern-european boho, part english countryside dandy, and part widow fatale.

John Galliano - A little scary. I think the theme is contradictions - old and young, black and white, short and tall, and fit and fat...The clothes themselves are slick film noir, with a bit of sci-fi. A vampy, seedy underworld of dramatic clothing and characters.

Junya Watanabe - Someone's been watching Degrassi Old School. I will die for these skirt/shorts. Die.

Kenzo - Avant Sailore. How can you say no to so much fun and stripes and knitwear?? Love the jackets, dresses, shoes...antithesis of minimalist without a single rhinestone.

Lagerfeld Gallery - Mannish deconstructed white shirts, die cut hems and necklines, not too much excitement.

Lanvin - Perfect little dresses that could easily become your uniform for spring. Suits with little white gloves, without even a hint of retro. So modern and luxe, but ultimately very simple. The fabrics are just thick and fitted and perfect. Wide obi belts and ribbons, dont forget.

Louis Vuitton - With Lanvin, the chicest, sleekest looks for spring.

Martin Grant - Prim suits and dresses, but in shiny fabrics and modern detailing. I love the full skirt and bomber-esque jacket. I thought this is totally what I dont want for Spring, but my mind is definitely changed.

Martin Margiela - Modern sexy Broadway star partying it up disco-style.

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