Saturday, October 22, 2005

Paris - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - Dior to Hermes

I've been sick all morning - a mild hangover segued into an excruciating migraine. Marc and Stella are amazing though - Marc with the chicken broth and rice and water and Stell for never leaving my side. She's the best friend you could ever hope for when youre sick. But because I'm single-mindedly retarded, I'm here looking at shows. For *you*.

Christian Dior - Nude fabrics and torn lace and fishnets, very much like the gorgeous dress Kate Moss wore to the CFDA awards a month or so ago. Jaw-droppingly minimal - not showy in any way. It was all so beautiful, but I'm just not sure what to think of a non-costumey Dior. I cant criticize change, especially when it still looks so good.

Christian Lacroix - Oooooh, the scarves. Oooooh, the dresses. Perfect yacht-wear - a 30s yacht sailing down the Nile. So pretty and sophisticated.

Commes des Garcons - Concepty Queen and lots of plaids. Kind of unneccesary.

Costume National - A little cheesy. Jersey-girl hair. Sexy that's trying too hard.

Dries van Noten - Kimono-tinged suits, tie-dyed satiny silks. Very grownup and avant garde, but "normal" enough to wear to work.

Elie Saab - Ensuring our celebrities will still have sexy pretty and beadazzled dresses to wear on red carpets.

Emanuel Ungaro - Crazy ruffles, but not in a good modern way. Toned down a tad, it could be good.

Giambattista Valli - For a modern Audrey - classy, sophisticated, simple, but confident.

Givenchy - What a new Givenchy! And more wrestling champion belts! Not Audrey, just cool and pretty and interesting.

Hermes - A slightly bland Havana. I will take a handbag, of course, and anything scarf-printed.

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