Monday, October 17, 2005

New York - SPRING/SUMMER 2006 - And a little bit softer now

Ok, the 43 shows in NY alone left to cover are giving me some agita...

Project Alabama - Perfectly fitted jackets, petticoats peaking out. A cute but womanly collection.

LAMB - I'm scared!! Everyone knows how much I adore Gwen, but fashion forays never go that well. My first thought: Oy! The makeup is atrocious! My second: Is this going to really be about tracksuits? You have maybe 50 looks to show and you throw away this many opportunities on tracksuits? I'm also conflicted about how to feel when, for the last few years, you've been associated with Dior and Galliano and Westwood, and I see that influence a little too clearly. Maybe to the point of ripping off and dumbing down. I found it a little boring. And Miss Gwen looks *beat*.

Anna Sui - I dont think I can get behind the calf-length leggings under dresses or the style of pants and dresses I wore in 1987, but I do think I'm in love with her floral prints and embroidered satins. She long ago stopped inspiring me.

Badgley Mischka - Grownup, half-a-step from bland, covered up and formal, but with a few drop-dead gowns thrown in to make my pulse race.

Behnaz Sarafpour - Reminds me a little of Tom Ford - something in the severity. A little too 70s and very out of step with how I want to dress right now.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Layers, leggings, frumpy jackets. A pastel and boring 80s nightmare, with some pleated denim to ensure that I vomit. I do like the little caps though.

Monique Lhuillier - I'm predictable, but I cant say no to pretty dresses and suits. I'm a sucker for anything an icy Hitchcock blonde would wear. She's very Oscar and Carolina and that is nothing to criticize. Not everyone should be concept and forward-thinking. My only complaint is not everything seems well-fitted?

Michael Kors - MK just makes me happy. Yes, his brand embodies everything I hate (conspicuous wealth, jet set, stereotypical blonde rich bitch), but I always feel that he's in on the joke. I mean, a camouflage gown? Not crazy for the mexican/safari prints and styles and I could never condone a highwaisted belted bikini bottom, but I love his dedication to travel and theme.

J Mendel - I am continually impressed by the RTW from this fur designer. I could even be coerced into wearing new fur if I could only have this:

Wouldnt you die to hug me in that? So simple, but not too sweet. These are ageless pieces that you could only be accused of being too pretty in...not too young. Light as air dresses and suits, but still structured enough to be taken seriously.

Zac Posen - Gold, brown, and various nude shades continue to be my favorites for spring/summer. So good with that fake tan. Pretty, but lacking any soft edge. This is how Naomi Campbell might dress to seem more girly. Not as jaw-dropping as one has come to expect...

Roland Mouret - An avant garde I can get behind. Perfectly serious asymetrical suits, romantic dresses, alternating prim and harsh looks. This seems like a wearable Yohji, which sounds like a smart business angle to me. I loooooove it - I dream of being a lawyer in a hip firm so I could rock each of these.

Calvin Klein - More stuctured and light pieces, which I think may be perfect for Spring and perfect for investing in...

Bill Blass - Blandly pretty, but nothing that grabs me as NEW and NOW...a little too Oscar retread, with an obvious slant toward woman-of-a-certain-age prints.

Diesel - Someone has watched the pussycat dolls one too many times! So sexy, so Italian - I have a renewed love for such a look. And, oh!, I'm going crazy for the little 40s military caps:

Actually, I've decided just now that I may die if I do not own that hat. Oh, and I loooove the makeup. Looooove that lip.

Matthew Williamson - The simplicity of Calvin, but with confident and sometimes campy details. I can perfectly visualize his ideal woman, and while I'm not her, I wouldnt mind being her during the workweek. Plus, his blues are just gorgeous.

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