Friday, March 09, 2007

Paris - Autumn/Winter 2007-8, Day 3

Balenciaga - WOAH. 100% departure from last season's C3PO. Not that I have a problem with this. The trousers look just plain perfect. I like a skinny leg, nerdy ankle cropping, and those roomy hip pockets. Oooh, that looks comfortable. Some more patchworking and bondage belts. Sexy and comfy.

Junya Watanabe - Sexy motorcycle jackets, cropped and wrapped and wrongly put together but so very cool cardigans. The dresses and plaids are nice. Though maybe I'd pass on the Gestapo-y leather trenches.

Vivienne Westwood - I cant fully figure out the pieces that make up this outfit, a skirt? leggings? corset? cardigan? But dont you want to look exactly like this, exactly this cool, this sexy, all the time??

Or this?

Jean Paul Gaultier - If I hadnt double-checked, I would think this was the Vivienne show and her's was the Gaultier. Both are hot though. Lotsa plaid here and spygirl trenches and did I say how hot this is?

Ann Demeulmeester - If I overlook the world's ugliest models (and, yes, I realize that *some* of them are men), some gothy dramatic high-necked coats and beautiful pouf skirts.

Commes des Garcons - I love every bit of this - even though it's a bit Springy. Skin-tight knits, ruffles, stuffed hands, black bunny ears, fluorescent eyeshadow. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but instead it's comfy, sexy, fun, and funny. What more can you ask of something as silly as fashion?

Christian Dior - 40s suits, full but womanly skirts, exaggerated fur details, defined waists. The colors, the dresses, the drama. Just perfect. Wearable straight off the runway. A hint of the decadence from the Couture show, but less dreamy and more realistic (except, I'm sure one's ability to buy them).

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I love the design for this one! So unique!!!