Monday, June 03, 2013


For years and years and years, I envisioned myself as a small business owner. A little boutique of tiny labels, a range of prices, nicely edited with a hope of instilling a love of individuality in my loyal clientele. But then I discovered that I'm terribly risk-averse and am definitely a glass half-empty sort of girl. For my own life, it is difficult for me to see anything more than the worst. I know there is a possibility of success, especially when one is truly passionate, smart, creative, and planning for the worst without being paralyzed by it.  When I was younger, I worried about a lack of a safety net. As I got older, it was just plain fear of failure.  Now, as a parent, it's a fear of taking away a single bit of comfort or enjoyment from my children. You cant go to the college of your choice because mommy dreamed of owning a savings-draining boutique?

In college, I frequented a shop called Betty. The nostalgia I have for this place makes me feel like perhaps I only dreamed it. How could a place this good not still exist? And if it doesnt exist, how can I possibly create a successful version of it?

Betty - I have no idea of the owner's actual name, so let's just call her Betty - had zero pretense, always knew my size, my price range, and was always able to point out exactly what I needed. For a broke college girl surrounded by a sea of Urban Outfitters/Diesel/JCrew-attired rich kids, treated as a would-be shoplifter in most parts of town, Betty (the store) was absolute heaven. I still have many of the items I purchased there 15 years ago - the aforementioned gray column dress, the most perfect teal pencil skirt, a red suede clutch.

(my most coveted dress)

How do you find a place like that again? A place that feels like your own dream closet, owned by a girl that genuinely wants to make you look good, that wants it to be your closet?  Does anyone know where Betty in Adams Morgan moved?? Please?? Or do you just try to recreate it, maybe with a side focus on makeup? Speaking of dreams, I feel like I need to be a part of BiteBeauty (via Garance DorĂ©).  I love the chemistry side, the color creation, the scent, the case. Every every every bit of this.

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Anonymous said...

oooh Bite Beauty looks cool. You definitely need to get involved with something like that!