Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 London Day 2

Ashish - Cliff Huxtable sweaters, 80s-style leggings, poodle skirts, oh my! Crushed velvet tracksuits, could this be any more awful?? Oh wait, by putting them all together:

Clements Ribeiro - Flowers, tweeds, black...very boho bland. Not one ounce of fun.

Jenny Packham - Whisper-thin dresses (though with a vintage/hard edge) + bold tights will be an easy cool look to mimic.

Ruffled skirts are at the top of my list, plus maybe a pair of pastel or rhinestoned (or both) flats (gasp!!).

What time period would you say this is? The scarves make me think 20s, the hats 30s, the gowns 40s...whatever it is, it's just lovely. The last five looks or so are a little incongruous and disappointing to end on...

Jonathan Saunders - I feel this is very Claude Montana...hardly something I'm itching for the revival of. The prints seem very dated...very boring over all. Does that one dress really have a chiffon car-wash hem??? And not just on one dress! Aaak!

Paul Smith Woman - Colorful layering, as per usual. I like the slip dresses over henleys, the swingy 3/4-sleeve jackets, capes, 70s sofa prints. Love it all, as per usual.

The suits seem a bit off, but I'll forgive him, the Ralph Lauren for eccentric Brits.

Temperley - Pucci prints, snug 60s dresses, mini dresses over trousers, short sailor pants

...the colors and styles are gorgeous and effortlessly modern. 40s GLAMOUR

A bit more promising today, no?

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