Friday, February 25, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Milan Day 4 and 5

Blumarine - This collection gives me a new appreciation for nude fabrics.

Understated prettiness that's not too precious. Sofa printed mini-dresses and romantic layering...I see a trend.

D&G - Love the gold runway. And dear god, I love miniskirts.

I'm just sort of tired of their fake-punk club gear - that's *heavily* influenced by all of Vivienne Westwood's career. But maybe this is all that's expected of this label?

Gucci - So covered up, but still so sexy.

Some def cheese, but still the standard, cold, dominatrix you've grown to love - now with rhinestones!

Jil Sander - Severly sad. Ditto Fendi.

MaxMara - Ooooh, let's go to Gstaad! Very Audrey Hepburn in 'Charade'.

Not so crazy about those cinched pouf skirts though.

Missoni - Italian jetset. I like the cropped trousers, loud jackets, and ribbon sandals (for fall?!).

Weird florals and asymetrical halter tops, not so sure of...

Miu Miu - A dream wardrobe for spending the semester abroad.

These clothes were made for libraries and house parties at the prof's. Alternately, perfect for a young, Italian widow.

Moschino - Ugh. A little too cheap Desperately Seeking Susan.

Roberto Cavalli - Just as you expected, though I abs love the blue china prints:

Versace - Impressive. It makes you wonder who's designing now...or has Donatella had a change of attitude after rehab? Less sex, more restraint, actually new ideas instead of endlessly recycling her brother's? A perfectly modern coat and boots:

A few embarrassingly cheesy dresses, so we're not confused as to which show we're viewing. I sort of miss the colors and prints though. How comfortable and easily sexy and pulled together does this look:

I want to look like that for the entire winter.

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