Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 Milan Day 1, 2, and 3

Bottega Veneta - Hitchcock-prim suits and peacoats, an occasional Gucci-bondage accent. I pray crushed velvet really doesnt catch on. That said, I will still take any offerings of BV handbags.

Emporio Armani - 109 photos? Umm no. I do like the pleated jacket:

Marni - So very Prada, though a little less dorky. A few truly hideous prints.

Anna Molinari - More Hitchockian looks, but this time with sexy bondage boots. The orange plaids are so appealing.

So completely not a fan of lacey leopard though, or actually any of the rest of this...random rows of lace...

Burberry Prorsum - Dark and dull, but the military jackets are nice. I like how tight and bound they appear. I feel I've seen this show a million times before.

Alberta Ferretti - Wow. Fantastic. Elegant like Oscar, but cool and romantic like how Anna Molinari usually is.

Emilio Pucci - Sexy, 70s YSL, so light...modernizing Pucci from its usual 60s style.

Giorgio Armani - 101 photos??? Blah. Go look for yourself.

Prada - Hmmm. Dark blah colors, doilies as pockets, kind of staid but 50s suits...I'm not totally sold, but some of the simple individual pieces are difficult to deny. Like the perfect tank dress - pieced together to give a clean look and hide most flaws:

Too many coats and too many coats that didnt excite me. Or maybe I just cant see the details, what with all that black!

Menichetti - I like their whole no-nonsense, business-cool look. Nothing earth-shattering, but nice layers, nice thick-almost padded jackets, nice tuxedo shirts.

A little like Helmut Lang but pretty and less concept-y. Wearable and relaxed - making the ladylike looks seem less like costumes, with just enough tailoring to keep it elegant. Woah, but what the hell is up with how the designer looks?!

Pollini-Rifat Ozbek - The dorky, almost homeless, mix of fabrics and layers reminds me so much of AnnMarie!

So busy and wrong, in less-confident hands, these would be a joke. Instead, these looks are a good inspiration for more mixing...more mixing that doesnt work, but with the right tights, does.

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