Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 London Day 3 and 4

Aquascutum - Details are difficult to make out, but I love what I see. Thick, stiff cottons, mixed with bows and tulle make ideal work clothes. If you like to dress conservatively, these are nice ways to branch out without going too far.

Fantastic, but not too polished.

Betty Jackson - Perhaps a bit too hippy for me, but the tailored, pseudo-preppy looks are actually nice.

Eley Kishimoto - I like: metallic plaids, belted jackets, drum major shirts. I dont like: sloppy, baggy dresses, these particular empire-waist dresses - partly because they bore me and partly because I cant imagine the figure they'd flatter and partly because that look always segues into Stevie Nicks (ick).

Eley Kishimoto Ellesse - Oooooh, what a much cooler little sister (isnt that always the case?? ;-) ). I'm def going to latch onto knickers (short pants, not panties) with dark tights.

And ski bunny Bond girl and eccentric sportswear is *always* a good direction. I'm going to say no to a nylon onesie though.

Gardem - Layering and draping with a body-shaping silhouette. A romantic mix of hard and soft.

Giles - Ladylike, but not prim or boring. Very I Love Lucy to me, with a sly dominatrix hidden just below. Very sexy, very classy, very modern

Jessica Ogden - Raggedy Ann chic, with some Holly Hobby prints - it somehow works.

Slim harem pants may be difficult to pull off, but if you can, make them bright and dorky.

Peter Jensen - A little Brothers Grimm scary. The bunny faces will give me nightmares, but I love those boots.

Nicole Farhi - Sweet, mature, romantic. Very nice.

Robert Cary-Williams - Slight scary/City of the Lost Children. A sort of modern medieval.

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