Monday, February 14, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 New York Day 6

Donna Karan - Much fussier than you'd expect from DK. Futuristic, Helmut Lang-y, less girly than the recent collections that I actually liked.

Sweetface - Jennifer Lopez - Can you say Vanity Project? There is no comprehensible explanation for the necessity of this show or even for the existence of this line. This is her "upscale" collection *cough*, yet the only people who could remotely be interested in her style are in 7th grade. Whoooooo could this market be? It's by no means awful, it's just that whoever is the actual designer should have done it under her own name.

Ralph Lauren - I will never tire of sweater dresses, pinstripes, and the 30s. Glamorous clothes for the girl who hates to talk about fashion...the non-boring no-nonsense girl's Armani or perhaps a less-flashy Michael Kors.

Derek Lam - Rich hippy vibe, but still body-conscious and classy. The pulled-together girl who thinks herself artistic.

Roland Mouret - Sexy secretary suits with some off-kilter details leave me breathless for more.

Skirts with little capes, dresses with over dresses, shrugs with full backs?...layering without adding much width, I like it.

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