Monday, February 07, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 New York Day 1

Diane von Furstenberg - Always a favorite...the clothes that are closest to my price range and the closest to my ideal of something that can easily be thrown on with zero thinking and with maximum coolness.

Doo Ri - Awesome. I love how the crop jacket evolves throughout the show, and I love it in each instance. The blue she uses is dreamy and the shoes and pants are pure cool-girl, very reminiscent of my friend Vivian. I like how well-edited this collection is too, nothing extraneous.

Hollywould - Just awful. Because you're a semi-successful, semi-known shoe designer, does not mean you know anything about fashion or that you have a style anyone would be interested in mimicing/adopting. This is low-class Michael Kors mixed with some seriously bad Roberto Cavalli. It's always a bad sign when the models look like crap and appear to have thick waists.

Tuleh - At heart, some great pieces, but it's all overshadowed by tooooo much. Too many accessories, too many trashy pieces, too much effort in creating a 'downtown' look. That said, when he sticks to his core ladylike ways, there are some almost perfect dresses:

Habitual - Comfortable downtown cool. Plus, these look like my most favorite jeans:

Nothing earth-shattering, and I'm not certain it needs a show.

Imitation of Christ - To be truthful, not nearly as shitty as usual, but still completely devoid of anything necessitating a show. These are like the in-store brand of a good boutique. Simple basics, slightly trendy, nothing that would ever need an ad, its own store...and 70 fucking photos? Ummm, edit. The same boring dress in 5 colors is still a boring dress.

Jasmin Shokrian - Nice draping and the sort of random pin-tucking that I like (though I usu just use a safety pin and I'm usu concealing a stain), but a little concept-y bland.

Luca Luca - Rich, beautiful fabrics. Very pretty, though maybe we've already seen this last year at Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton. Woah, the designer is even looking like Marc Jacobs!

Richard Chai - Avant-Chanel. Interesting and new take on the ribbon belt. Beautiful coats.

But dont take my word for it, there are some other shows that might speak more to you...

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