Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fall Winter 2005-2006 New York Day 3

Bill Blass - Society girl suits...only for someone whose sole aim is to be proper, yet fashionable. Some pretty and some semi-shocking dresses, but nothing to get my blood rushing. Staid is the key word. And not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not what I would dream of spending loads of money.

Isaac Mizrahi - Bizarrely cool. Figure skater mini-dresses and pantsuits. Richly beautiful. Can I only speak in adverbs? This is essentially a couture collection.

Marc - The last few seasons, I've felt so down on Marc Jacobs. His LV collections are fantastic, but his others seem too low-end and concepty to me. Again, nothing on which I'd dream to spend money. Except these Vivienne Westwoody pirate boots:

Matthew Williamson - English cool girl...these are straight Kate Moss/Sienna Miller stylings. I guess someone should capitalize on it. His colors and fabrics are quite nice though.

Do you notice that we're not seeing all the clothes though?

Monique Lhuillier - Oooooh. Dark. Drama. I loooove that gold bead necklace. The style of skirt is so new, I'm definitely going to find this pattern.

The dresses have a vintage feel but are more substantial and more fresh than your standard Audrey Hepburn ripoff.

The trenches are the perfect Russian Spy, while the village girl skirt has been classed up so much it's almost impossible to see its origins.

Love it all...a very mysterious Oscar de la Renta. I think that can only be a winning formula. Plus, look at how pretty she herself is.

Narciso Rodriguez - Clean, pretty. A toned-down Oscar (again, you cant go wrong). An impeccable white blouse:

I abs love his over-everything bra/tank thing (it fits well with my love of tube tops over dress shirts).

Explain this skirt! Are those rhinestones or a print on the fabric? The fabric seems too delicate to hold anything that heavy, but it's just so shiny I could believe those are rubies.

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